Designed mobile and desktop eCommerce platform focused on smart wearables. Spearheaded the design process with a team, performed a competitive audit and created the wireframes and prototypes.


  • Smart apparel= $27 billion industry

  • Global eCommerce sales= $2 trillion in industry


  • 80 million millennials spend $600 billion annual on eCommerce in the USA

  • Millennials account for more than 54% of all app usage in the USA

Problem Statement 

There is not one online source for smart wearables.  


Customers will download the app and to shop for wearables than visit a website on a desktop.


We believe if we design a centralized eCommerce platform that is easy to use, with a clear path to a sales completion, and with delightful interactions, there will be an increase in sales in wearable tech.



Competitive Audit Findings



Competitors like Dollar Shave Club, Nike and Amazon have different aesthetics on how they are presenting their products. We incorporated the findings into the Smart Threads app and made it a mobile app for millennials to shop on.  Users rather have bold minimalism to identify where they are on the platform with delightful interactions then bulky text and not knowing where to navigate next.


DatA Results 

From the data results found through Forbes and NY Times we discovered that smart apparel is increasing by over 100% and most millenials are using their smart phones to shop daily. 


Site Map/ Task Flow

We then created a site map of the proposed site flow, narrowing down the onboarding experience for first-time visitors. The key design points were to have clear product details and a seamless checkout process.



Who is the persona?


Roberto is a person who semi-tech savvy, he likes to work out and wants to stay fit. He wants to have an easy checkout process and most importantly wants to check out a purchase with one hand.


A/B Testing

The two screens on the right were tested with the buy now button in the middle of the screen and on the bottom. These were tested with random users at a community event at the CIC Miami. Based on the results the 8/11 of the Millenial users wanted the "buy now" on the bottom of the screen. They thought it was more intuitive and friendly. 


Style Guide/ Mood board

The style guide was created based on cool images found on Pinterest. From these inspiration we chose purple and blue gradient colors with a white type text were created for the mobile app. 


Mood Board

Mood Board

Style Guide

Style Guide


Mid Fidelity & High Fidleity

The wireframes were created in Sketch based on best practices learned in the competitive audit within the eCommerce and athletic spaces. The comps were made in Sketch and prototyped in Principle to show the movement of how the app would look and feel.

Click on image to enlarge. 




Smart Threads Prototype

The marketing site was developed to showcase how the user would download our mobile app and learn more about the company like who we are and where we are located in the Miami area. 



Marketing site

Created in Principle



The app showcases an easy checkout process and clear product details - using key points found during the UX research process.