City of Miami 

City of Miami


Ask: Improve the City of Miami permit application website (existing and beta) to create a user friendly experience. 

Goal: Provide a pleasant permitting experience from start to finish. 

Audience: Miami residents & entrepreneurs.

Needs: Educate the user, eliminate online barriers and create a community based support network. 

Competitive Audit

Competitive Audit


The permitting process on the City of Miami website is challenging for residents and entrepreneurs. 


Improving the sites usability will increase the amount of applications and contribute to small business community growth.

Survey Results

All of the respondents that came to the user testing session hosted by the City of Miami would rather complete the application online since this saves them time and money versus coming into the city office.


4/4 of users would rather complete their application online.

4/4 of users would rather complete their application online.



We put our assumptions to the test by testing a user who wants to open a bakery, but does not want to spend the time or money for something that does not open with six months. She was tasked with seeing if she could find the call to action on the page under Certificate of Use (see below).

User Testing

How to Get A Certificate of Use

How to Get A Certificate of Use

User testing at the cic Miami

Romi thought it was has difficult to find the information on the page making my team wonder what we could do to improve her experience and how to streamline the process. 

By the time you are done reading this and completing this you might as well as go to City Hall to complete the application.
— User Quote

Task Flow

The original task flow has ten steps for the user, but in the second task flow it could be compressed down to only four to increase the number of permits in Miami. This is seen in the prototype below. 


Wireframes & Prototype



The wireframes follow all the best practices i.e. icons, visuals, clear start and communicating success at the end. From all the research and user testing the wireframes and prototype that were created were the best representation of what the City of Miami should do next. We suggested for them to improve on basic things on the beta website like comdensing wording and adding the mobile forms so a user can find the form easier to apply. At the meeting in the office they are going to be looking at what they should next in their departments like putting up mobile or desktop forms online in a easier way and simplify the process.